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Our synthetic & cellulose filtration media is designed to incorporate the adsorption and purification benefits of activated carbon

Has the functionality & filtration properties of a wet-laid sheet for high uniformity

Onyx Filtration Media

Activated Carbon Paper

Carbon Filter Paper

Safely removes particles larger then 5 microns, such as sand, sediment, silt, rust and other contaminants  

Activated Carbon
Filter Paper

200+ Years of Experience



• Water Purification
• Food & Beverage Processing
• Medical Product Processing

• Plating Operations
• Photo Processing
• Commercial/Residential 
Air Pollution

• Odor Removal Applications
• Process Water Polishing
• Cabin Air & Automobile Pollution

Activated carbon media is used widely across many industries. 
Here are some of the common applications we make activated carbon paper for:

High Quality Activated Carbon Paper from ONYX Specialty Papers


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Activated carbon paper performs a range of sensitive air purification activities, depending on the application. It must be made of high-quality material to ensure effective elimination of hazardous acid gases and other contaminants. This helps promote optimum airflow in the production of quality products for industrial and processing applications. 

At ONYX Specialty Papers Inc., we specialize in providing activated carbon solutions to meet your specific industry needs. We use exclusive materials like carbon fibers, cellulose pulps, aramid, and cotton to make quality papers for your application. Contact us today to get the best solutions for all of your company’s specialty needs.

Why is the Quality of the Carbon Paper so Important?

Activated Carbon Paper for Filtration

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