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Desiccant Paperfor Moisture Control

Onyx Desiccant Paper is designed to control moisture by drawing moisture into the material. We have a wide selection of paper products and can work with you to get the right type of desiccant paper for your custom application and packaging needs.

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Custom Desiccant Paper

Complete Application Versatility

Uniform Moisture Control

If you are a manufacturer needing moisture control, we can work with you to get the right type of Desiccant Paper for your application.

Because Onyx Desiccant Paper can be die-cut into almost any shape, it will conform to practically any application in which moisture control is necessary.

Onyx Desiccant Paper provides uniform silica gel distribution throughout the package to ensure uniform moisture control.


Desiccant paper is often used inside packaging materials to prevent mold, mildew, tarnish or corrosion from forming by keeping moisture-sensitive products dry during transit.

  •  Pharmaceuticals
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware

• Scientific Instruments

• Cameras and their Equipment

• Electronics

• Printing Materials

• Packaging Materials

• Automated Packaging

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What is Onyx Desiccant Paper made for?

How does Desiccant Paper work?

Onyx Desiccant Paper is designed to control moisture in closed environments such as sealed packaging. The paper is suitable to dehumidify individual packages of photographic film, food products, pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, and spare parts. It is formulated of silica gel and cellulose fiber.

Desiccant papers help prevent moisture from building up on materials in closed environments such as sealed packaging. Desiccant paper is received in an unactivated state. Once activated through a heating process, the desiccant paper absorbs the water molecules and traps them in the paper. When packaging containing desiccant paper comes in contact with moist air or liquids in its surrounding, the liquid will be drawn into the activated material. That is how desiccant sheets are able to keep metalized products from rust and corrosion.

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