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Our papers carry color, protect designs, absorb moisture and gases and analyze fluids.  Onyx papers can be found in countertops, laminate floors,  translucent panels, computer work stations, cabinets, ready-to-assemble furniture and automatic transmissions.  Wherever or however you think paper can be used, Onyx Papers will partner with you to develop and implement new products and processes to help you achieve customer satisfaction and market growth.


  • Automotive – Wet Friction
  • Industrial Specialties – Fire Retardant,  Conductive, Desiccant, and Filtration
  • Decorative Surfaces – Solid Color Décor, Backer, Printbase, Overlay, and Decorative Overlay
  • Medical – Analytical Filter
  • Graphic Art – Art Matte, Archival and Artists Papers
  • Wet Strength – Laundry Tag and Wet Strength Labels