Onyx Specialty Papers’ Activated Carbon paper is designed to contribute to the removal of noxious gases, odors and other organic or inorganic contaminants from solids, liquids and air. Webs containing activated carbon have been effective in absorbing odors from clothing, personal products or refrigerators, or absorbing tarnishing agents from closed cabinets or shipping packages.

Onyx Specialty Papers’ Activated Carbon paper provides the absorbency of carbon without the usual problem of high carbon dusting. The carbon is added to the papermaking slurry prior to web formation, resulting in a sheet that displays minimal rub-off. Onyx Activated Carbon paper can be made with low porosity without sacrificing absorptive capacity. Other constituents of the paper provide wet strength for use with aqueous solutions. Rolls are available for use on normal converting and packaging equipment.

Odor Control

As an odor-reducing medium in personal or institutional uses, including shoe insoles, clothing, diapers, bedding, closets, refrigerators and disposable hospital bed pads.

Protective Layer

In protective clothing to assist in absorbing toxic fumes. Has the potential for absorbing fumes from photoactive chemicals, undesirable flavors, gasoline or exhaust.

Anti-oxidant Agent

As an anti-oxidant agent for silver solder joints in electronic equipment. A few strips of the paper in a shipping cabinet or display case will assist in absorbing hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere.

Basis Weight (lbs./3000 sq. ft.) 35-135
Thickness (mm) 5-18
Tensile Strength, MD (lb./in.) 15-33
Tensile Strength, CD (lb./in.) 9-16
Wet Tensile Strength, MD (lb./in.) 4-5
Chemical Retention (%) 6-14.5
Carbon Content (%) 20-50


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