Lustralite is an evolving collection of sophisticated papers which break the boundaries of traditional papermaking by incorporating dimensional materials into the paper itself. Some families of Lustralite are made with natural materials like banana and coconut husks. Others feature man-made materials such as metallized film or holographic particles. Lustralite speaks to today’s design trends with real materials that exhibit rustic textures, space-age lusters and sexy, night-on-the- town sheen. Other Lustralite inclusions offer unique glimpses into future trends as we explore emerging concepts. The look and performance of Lustralite papers cannot be duplicated by any current print technologies.


These papers start out as a traditional saturating paper, but through proprietary coating process a layer of pearlescent material is applied to the surface of the paper. This uniform layer of pearlescent does not exhibit any type of pattern, which is often seen with gravure printed papers. Through this proprietary process we are also able to include grit into the top layer, thereby providing acceptable NEMA abrasion performance without the use of an additional overlay sheet, which will mute the pearlescent appearance. Lustralite I can be made in any base sheet color imaginable. With a large option of pearlescent colors, sizes and shapes the design opportunities become endless. Lustralite I papers have been initially designed for saturating/laminating applications at a basis weight of 65 LB/3000 ft2 (105 gsm), however Specialty Papers is always willing to customize a sheet for a specific application.


Onyx Specialty Papers has been producing inclusion overlays for over 30 years. Our new Lustralite II inclusion overlays accelerate this product to another dimension. Natural inclusions such as coconut husks and banana stalks provide a unique look and story. Synthetic materials such as metallized film or holographic particles create a bolder, flashier look. The inclusion loading level can also be used as a variable to get the desired look. These Lustralite II overlays can be pressed over solid colors or prints to provide an exciting new “3-dimensional” laminate. These papers can range from 28-60 lb/3000 ft2 (45-98 gsm) depending on the inclusion type and loading level.


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