Saturating Papers

Our saturating papers for the decorative laminate industry come in a wide variety of colors. We also manufacture printbase papers that carry color for a variety of printed patterns and wood grain effects.We have a dedicated full time custom color matching department which will match any target that you submit. Using a computer aided process along with 65 years of technician experience, we will create a product to meet your specifications. Please send in a target to see how we can help you.

Our overlays protect and enhance laminate surfaces while maintaining exceptional clarity to enable use in a variety of designs.

Inclusions, such as pearlescent particles, metallized film and natural fibers, are layered through our line of Lustralite® papers. to give finished laminates the three-dimensional look and feel of a hand-made product.

Firepli® – Firepli paper is manufactured in a pure white color, making it perfect for applications in which it is used as the outer layer of a laminate sandwich. Firepli paper can also be produced in the color of your choice. You can utilize Onyx’s computerized color matching facility to produce Firepli in virtually any specified color. Firepli paper will also accept a printed image. Therefore, if Firepli paper will be visible in your application, you can give it a unique appearance.

Fire Retardant Papers

Activated Carbon

Carbon Conductive Core

Printable Overlay

Wear Resistant Overlay

General Purpose Overlay

Low Pressure décor Papers

High Pressure décor Papers