We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of superior performing materials that meet or exceed the demanding technical specifications of a diverse customer base. We’ll provide a new perspective in flexibility – in our product, sizes and widths; in our scheduling, order size and delivery and in our technical problem-solving capability. By combining our custom-run capabilities, our efficient production performance and our on-site engineering expertise, we can start turning your challenges into opportunities.

Technical Service
We work closely with our customers to develop new products – to design, develop and modify our materials for each customer’s specific needs and applications.
Every one of our papers begins in the laboratory. There, knowledge and experience are combined with a thorough understanding of function to formulate customized material solutions. Our expert lab technicians and product engineers, aided by computerized technology, have developed over 20,000 color and 1200 product variations.

Customer Service
Based in the United States, our customer service and logistics team is dedicated to making sure every order and customer interaction is approached in a professional and supportive environment. The key to any successful relationship is communication and at Onyx  Papers, we believe a familiar voice is a great start. Your company will be represented by a single voice, but backed by an excellent team, who in emergencies could step in to address your concerns. Our experienced staff is available to help you meet your growing business needs. In our North American sales office, our customer support staff is capable of long-range production and delivery planning. That means more accurate manufacturing forecasts, a smoother, quicker ordering process and more personal contact when customers have a question or concern.