The future looks bright at Onyx.


Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. may be a new company, but the associates of Onyx Specialty Papers are continuing a proud tradition of specialty papermaking that has gone on in our South Lee Massachusetts mill for over 200 years. We are skilled craftspeople, committed customer advocates, persistent problem solvers and creative thinkers…

We are disciplined stewards of the environment and we are active participants in our communities. As we set out on this new journey, we reaffirm our commitment to our long standing customers and we look forward to introducing our capabilities to new customers and partners. The future looks bright at Onyx.

Patricia Begrowicz
President – Owner

Christopher Mathews
Executive Vice President – Owner

Some product samples below.

Filter Media

Fine Arts

Wet Strength Label

Fire Retardant Papers

Art Matte


Analytical Paper

Medical Filter