Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. produces highly engineered papers for technically demanding applications. Our products can be found in laminate floors, countertops and furniture for kitchen and bath; signs; labels and banners; fine arts paper and matboard; and even automotive parts. Our papers are used for analytical research and testing, moisture and odor absorption, filtration, static dissipation, flame retardancy, and wet strength. Our papers carry design, electrical properties and protection. Each paper is versatile enough to meet the special application needs of our customers, as well as being adaptable to new uses. We have built our reputation, and our business, by utilizing our wide range of capabilities and collaborating with customers to create custom engineered materials to meet both performance and design attributes. Onyx Specialty Papers can create new products with a broad range of critical properties for you and your customers.

Our Products

Our customers have highly specific functional and aesthetic requirements for their products. Through a deep knowledge of materials and processes, our team of accomplished scientists and engineers design creative solutions that meet those needs.

Our Company

Onyx Specialty Papers has been manufacturing technically exacting papers since 1806. We continue this 200-year tradition by partnering with customers to develop customized products that are true solutions for today’s challenges.

Our Services

We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of superior performing materials that meet or exceed the demanding technical specifications of a diverse customer base.