When it comes to providing saturating papers for the decorative laminate industry, it’s not just about offering quality–now more than ever it’s about flexibility.

Onyx manufactures the highest quality and most comprehensive range of saturating papers on the market–and our North American location gives us the ability to get your product to you precisely when you need it.

With over 80 years of experience in the decorative laminate industry, we’ve had time to innovate and refine our products, but more importantly, we’ve listened and responded to our customers’ needs.

Our high-quality, versatile saturating papers are designed for either High Pressure (HP) or Thermo Fused Laminate (TFL), and Continuous Press Laminate (CPL) applications. We offer:

Overlay Papers: From countertops and wall panels to bowling alley floors, our general purpose and protective overlay papers are designed to provide the wear resistance for your unique application. These papers are typically transparent, but can be tinted to meet individual customer needs.

Our printable overlay papers are lightweight papers made to optimize printability in rotogravure and digital printers. The printed overlay is then pressed over solid colors or patterns.

Lustralite: Designers love this signature collection that incorporates dimensional materials into the paper itself. From simple, elegant pearlescent decorative sheets to stylish inclusion overlays featuring more than 500 different aesthetics–this product takes decorative surfaces to the next level.

Solid-Color Decor Papers: Color matching excellence is dependent on technical expertise, leading edge computerized systems, and exceptional quality pigment formulations. Onyx’s color matching experience ensures that Onyx will meet or exceed even the most demanding customer specifications and international standards.

Core and Backer Paper: Onyx Decorative Core papers are used in the manufacture of compact laminates. The color of the core paper provides a colored edge to the final panel. This paper can be used by itself or used with a surface pattern to match or complement the edge color of compact panels.

Onyx also manufactures fire retardant paper for both laminate and structural panels. When used as a laminated layer these products have successfully passed the UL tunnel test (ASTM E 84) and have received a Class 1 rating.

Visit each product page for a full description of the product, its end uses and nominal specifications.

Need a custom paper? No problem–we can connect you with one of our technical specialists to create a sheet that fits your application. Call us at 413-243-5426 or contact us online.

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