Onyx Activated Carbon paper is designed to facilitate the removal of noxious gases, odors and other organic or inorganic contaminants from solids, liquids and air. Structures containing activated carbon have been effective in absorbing odors from clothing, personal products or appliances and refrigerators, and absorbing tarnishing agents from closed cabinets and shipping packages.

Product Features 

  • Absorbency of activated carbon without high carbon dusting.
  • Minimal rub-off
  • Low porosity without sacrificing absorptive capacity
  • Wet strength for use with aqueous solutions
  • Can be used on normal converting and packaging equipment
  • Filter Media
  • Gas Absorption
  • Hydrocarbon Adsorption
  • Odor absorption
Basis Weight 35-135 LB/3000 sq. ft.
57 – 220 GSM
Caliper .005 – .029 inch
0.127 – 0.736 mm
Tensile 1000 – 2000 GF/25mm
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