Onyx Cellulose Filter Media are manufactured from high quality cotton linters and are used for general filtration and culturing micro-organisms in the laboratory and biosciences markets. Used in labs as a filter medium as well as a tool to collect protein samples for storage, transport and testing.

Product Features 

  • Control of flow within filtering process
  • Control of absorbency within chromatography and blotting process
  • Strength for industrial or chemical applications
  • Body fluid analysis
  • Chemical detection papers
  • Life sciences sample collection
  • Research
  • Testing
Basis Weight 38-186 LB/3000 sq. ft.
60 – 300 GSM
Caliper .007-.035 inch
.178 – .889 mm
Tensile 200-2200 GF/25mm
Mullen 4-55 PSI