Onyx Specialty Papers’ Fine Art products are used in a variety of applications that require attention to details beyond the standard paper testing parameters. Papers that are used in artwork are evaluated for texture and feel to make sure they are correct for the job at hand. The products are custom designed using our wide range of fiber options (cotton, bamboo, hardwood, softwood, synthetic and more).


100% cotton (or high alpha cellulose pulp) buffered for archival applications. Custom colors and surface textures.

Facing Papers

As the top surface of matting boards, facing papers provide specific colors and textures that are customized to meet the desired appearance for demanding projects.

Basis Weight (lbs./3000 sq. ft.) – individual plies50 – 200
Multi-ply capability1ply – 8ply
Thickness (mil) individual plies5 – 20
Thickness (mill) multi-ply120
TexturesSmooth – Felt Texture
Bufferingnon-buffered – buffered

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