Onyx Desiccant Paper is designed to control moisture in closed environments such as sealed packaging. The paper is suitable to dehumidify individual packages of photographic film, food products, pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, and spare parts.  It is formulated of silica gel and cellulose fiber.

Product Features

  • Complete Application Versatility – Because Onyx Desiccant Paper can be die-cut into almost any shape, it will conform to practically any application in which moisture control is necessary.
  • No Silica Gel Spillage – Previously applications requiring moisture control were designed to include bulk silica gel.  Onyx Desiccant Paper can readily be designed into the structure of the package itself or as an easily applied insert to provide a uniform environment for moisture control reducing the worry of rupture or spillage.
  • Uniform Moisture Control – Onyx Desiccant Paper provides uniform silica gel distribution throughout the package to ensure uniform moisture control.
  • Suited for Automated Packaging – The semi-rigidity of Onyx Desiccant Paper plus its ability to be die cut into almost any shape make it ideal for use in automated, high-speed packaging systems.

Applications that require humidity control

Basis Weight 105 – 460 LB/3000 sq. ft.
171 – 749 GSM
Caliper 0.014 – 0.057 inch
0.356 – 1.448 mm
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Custom basis weights and calipers available.