Onyx Desiccant Paper is a clean paper that is capable of absorbing significant quantities of moisture once it is activated. It is formulated of silica gel (approximately 67% by weight) and cellulose fiber. The finished sheet has a thickness of 58 mils. In unactivated form, Onyx Desiccant Paper is available in rolls up to 65 inches wide.

  • Complete Application Versatility – Because Onyx Desiccant Paper can be die-cut into almost any shape, it will conform to practically any packaging configuration.
  • No Silica Gel Spillage – Previously, most packaging having dehumidification requirements had to be designed to include bulk silica gel. Bag rupture and silica gel spillage was a common problem. Onyx Desiccant Paper can readily be designed into the structure of the package itself or as an easily applied insert to provide a uniform environment for moisture control without the worry of rupture or spillage.
  • Uniform Moisture Control – Bulk silica gel requires special adaptations at added expense to insure even distribution throughout the package. Onyx Desiccant Paper ensures uniform moisture control without added design expense.
  • Suited for Automated Packaging – The semi- rigidity of Onyx Desiccant Paper plus its ability to be die cut into almost any shape make it ideal for use in automated, high-speed packaging systems.
  • Samples are available for testing the moisture absorption capacity of the product in your own application.

Onyx Desiccant Paper is designed to control moisture in closed environments such as sealed packaging. The paper is suitable to dehumidify individual packages of photographic film, food products, pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, spare parts or virtually any packaging application in which moisture control is necessary. One satisfied company has reported that by making silica gel available in card form, they have been able to automate their entire packaging line at a great savings.

Activation: One minute at 500ºF / Five minutes at 300ºF

Basis Weight  660 lb./3,000 sq. ft.
Caliper 54 mils
Weight of Silica Gel .116 lb./sq. ft.  52.5 grams/sq. ft.
Moisture Absorbed* 10.12 grams/sq. ft. .07 grams/sq. in.


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