Our General Purpose overlays help protect against normal wear and can be tailored through basis weight or grit modifications to meet any desired abrasion level up to 2000 cycles. They are typically clear in color, but can be tinted to meet individual customer needs.

Printable overlay papers are calendared lightweight papers made with a special furnish to optimize printablity in rotogravure and Laser Jet or digital printers.

Product Features

  • Enhances surface durability
  • Available in filled and unfilled grades
  • Excellent clarity
  • Suitable for use in HPL, CPL, TFL applications
  • Printable Overlays compatible with most commercial printing processes
  • Tinted Overlays available in a variety of colors to enhance or modify surface appearance
  • Laminate for countertops, flooring and furniture
  • Laminates for exterior
  • Compact laminates
  • Decorative wall panels
  • Translucent decorative panels
  • Recreational surfaces
  • Bowling alleys
  • Skateboard ramps
  • Treadmill decks
  • Exterior signs
Product Description End Use Color Basis Weight Range
Filled & Unfilled
White/Transparent 22-52 gsm
Printable Overlay HPL, CPL,
White/Transparent 40-52 gsm
HPL, CPL Colors 30-60 gsm