Onyx Static Dissipating Paper, which works to control static electricity. This conductive paper contains a high load of carbon that helps to dissipate static electricity in an effective manner, thereby allowing for the reduction of electrostatic energy in areas where scientific instruments and computer equipment are present.

The use of carbon fiber technology allows this paper to be made in colors other than black, while maintaining excellent conductivity. Ideal for work surfaces and other applications where aesthetics are important. Conductive colors available – Light Grey, Beige and other colors available upon request.

Product Features

  • Virtually any color can be manufactured
  • Wide range of basis weights available
  • Can be used in conjunction with Onyx’s conductive core paper
  • Meets NAPF’s 99 specification
  • Computer access flooring
  • Electrical capacitors
  • Worktops
  • Control center furniture
  • Computer and electronic environments
Basis Weight 80 – 95 LB/3000 sq. ft.
130 – 155 GSM
Caliper .008 – .010 inch
.203 – .254 mm
Tensile 1000 – 1200 GF/25mm
Conductivity Range 5,000 – 400,000 OHM

Must be grounded to achieve surface and volume conductivity.