Our solid color décor saturating papers are typically designed for either high (HP) or low (LP) pressure applications for the decorative laminating industry. Onyx manufactures the highest quality and most comprehensive range of décor papers available. We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of superior performing saturating papers that meet or exceed the demanding technical specifications of diverse customer applications.

We have the ability to match any color with exacting color tolerances by using our state of the art computerized spectrophotometers. Our color lab technicians have matched over 30,000 colors and that number is still growing. Precision color matching, optimal lightfastness and a wide range of basis weight capabilities ensure that we will meet or exceed even the most demanding customer specifications and international standards. Our solid colors are manufactured in a wide range of basis weight, from 65 gsm to 170 gsm, or 40 to 105 pounds per 3000 square feet and provide excellent saturability.

Duoply® solid colors offer high scuff and mar resistance and durability without affecting color fidelity, making Duoply excellent for use in commercial countertops, worktops and other demanding applications. The result is a laminate surface that looks newer for longer. These papers are designed and engineered for use with textured caul plates and release papers, but not gloss plates.

Printbase papers are specially formulated décor paper that provides the smooth, consistent finish required to produce quality printed laminates. Ranging in basis weight from 75 gsm to 145 gsm, or 45 to 90 pounds. Our printbase papers are available in a variety of shades and color offering superb color fidelity.

End Use Color
Basis Weight
Performance Property
Solid Colors HPL,CPL,
White and
65-170 gsm
40-105 lbs./3000 sq. ft.
  • Postforming to 1/8″ (3.0mm)
  • Color consistency
  • Suitable for external/outdoor
    lightfastness demands
  • Resin efficiency
Duoply HPL,CPL White and
95-140 gsm
  • Enhanced scuff/mar resistance for
    demanding commercial applications
Printbase HPL,CPL,
White and
75-146 gsm
45-90 lbs./3000 sq. ft.
  • Excellent print surface
Backer/Barrier HPL,CPL,
White and
65-170 gsm
  • Balancing layer
Core Stock
HPL,CPL White and
70-160 gsm
  • Match to decor paper to have
    a solid color laminate

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