These overlays have been created to be the toughest, clearest protection in laminate history. They not only add improved depth to wood finishes, but a clear layer of protective defense.

  • Laminate flooring is designed with a wear layer specifically engineered to make it a very durable, long-lasting product.
  • The wear resistant overlay is fused together with melamine resins to create the tough, transparent wear layer.
  • The wear layer keeps laminate flooring looking new longer than vinyl or wood.
  • In abrasion testing simulating long-term surface wear, laminate flooring tested far superior to wood and vinyl, on average, lasting five times longer.
  • In scratch tests simulating damage from dog claws, laminates outperformed wood and vinyl, with wood samples showing the most extensive scratch damage.
  • In scuff tests simulating grit on the sole of a shoe, laminate flooring outperformed both wood and vinyl samples. The wood samples showed the most extensive damage with heavy scratching and loss of gloss.
  • Wear resistant layers are filled with tiny particles of aluminum oxide, the fourth hardest substance known on earth.
  • In stain tests, when exposed to common household substances such as shoe polish, soda and mustard, laminate samples showed superior stain resistance over wood and vinyl, demonstrating laminates’ inherent benefits of stain resistance and ease of maintenance.
Basis Weight
(grams per
sq. meter)
Content %
33 AC1 3500 900 70-71 Residential
Low Traffic
38 AC2 5500 1800 70-71 Residential
45 AC3 6500 2500 69-70 Residential
Low Traffic

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