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Activated Carbon Paper

activated carbon

What Is Activated Carbon Paper & Who Needs It?

By Activated Carbon Paper, Blog

Activated carbon paper is designed to contribute to the removal of noxious gases, odors and other organic and inorganic contaminants from solids, liquids, and gases.

Why is the Quality of the Carbon Paper so Important?

The activated carbon paper performs a range of sensitive purification activities. So, it must be made of high-quality material to ensure effective elimination of hazardous gases and other contaminants. This helps promote optimum flow and the production of quality products in industrial and processing systems.

Activated carbon production

Activated carbon is made from substances with high carbon content, such as coconut shells, wood, petroleum, willow peat, bamboo, coal, and other carbonaceous sources. It’s usually made through two different processes:

Carbonization – This involves taking a carbon-rich material and decomposing it in a static environment with a temperature not exceeding 800 degrees Celsius. Compounds like nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, and hydrogen are then extracted from the source material through gasification.

Activation – Involves gas treatment where carbon is directly heated in a chamber to create the pore structure. Then, the char is oxidized at a temperature range of 800 to 900 degrees in the presence of steam or air and carbon dioxide.

How Activated Carbon Paper Works

Activated carbon paper provides the absorbency of carbon without the usual problem of high carbon dusting. The carbon is added to the paper-making slurry prior to web formation, resulting in a sheet that displays minimal rub-off. Activated carbon paper can be made with low porosity without sacrificing absorptive capacity. Other constituents of the paper provide wet strength for use with aqueous solutions. Rolls are available for use on normal converting and packaging equipment.

How is Activated Carbon Paper Used?

Activated carbon media is used widely across many industries for odor control in personal or institutional uses, as a protective layer in clothing to absorb toxic fumes, as an anti-oxidant agent for silver solder joints in electronic equipment, and even as a purification method in metal finishing to remove organic impurities from plating solutions.

Activated carbon media is used widely across many industries. Here are some of its common applications.

Synthetic and cellulose activated carbon filtration media is designed to incorporate the absorption and purification benefits of activated carbon which plays a significant role in eliminating contaminants from water and air. This is particularly helpful in water filtration, spill cleanup and air purification to remove odor and other pollutants.

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