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How to Keep Things Dry:  Desiccant Paper and Its Many Applications

Desiccant paper is used for many different types of packaging applications. Desiccant paper is a clean paper that is capable of absorbing significant quantities of moisture. Desiccant paper is formulated of silica gel and cellulose fiber. Desiccant paper comes in rolls up to 65 inch wide and thicknesses of 14 mill and 57 mils, which can be converted into sheets or die cut. In this article we will discuss how desiccant paper works and what industries need to use it!

How Desiccant Paper Works:

Desiccant papers help prevent moisture from building up on materials in closed environments such as sealed packaging. Desiccant paper is received in an unactivated state. Once activated through a heating process, the desiccant paper absorbs the water molecules and traps them in the paper. When packaging containing desiccant paper comes in contact with moist air or liquids in its surrounding, the liquid will be drawn into the activated material. That is how desiccant sheets are able to keep metalized products from rust and corrosion.

Uniform moisture control with bulk silica gel requires special adaptations at added expense to ensure even distribution throughout the package. Bulk silica gel bag ruptures and silica gel spillage is a common problem. Desiccant paper can readily be designed into the structure of the package itself or as an easily applied insert to provide a uniform environment for moisture control without the worry of rupture or spillage. Desiccant paper ensures uniform moisture control without added design expense. Suited for automated packaging, the semi-rigidity of desiccant paper plus its ability to be die cut into almost any shape makes it ideal for use in high-speed packaging systems.

Desiccant Paper Uses

Desiccant paper is suitable to dehumidify individual packages for a wide variety of products such as photographic film, printing and packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, jewelry, gun safes, silverware, scientific instruments, and electronics or virtually any packaging application in which moisture control is necessary.

Desiccant papers are used for a variety of purposes like absorbing moisture from products in order to keep them dry or drying something out after it as been wet. For example, desiccant paper is often used inside packaging materials as a precautionary measure against mold, mildew, tarnish or corrosion from forming by keeping products dry during transit.

Onyx Makes Desiccant Paper

Synthetic and cellulose activated carbon filtration media is designed to incorporate the absorption and purification benefits of activated carbon which plays a significant role in eliminating contaminants from water and air. This is particularly helpful in water filtration, spill cleanup and air purification to remove odor and other pollutants.

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